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The ME in me !!

CAUTION : This is not one of those extremely entertaining feel good posts.. It is about how Selfishness can be interpreted as a virtue and about how it is important to be the Brand " U " .. But I promise you that it would be worth a read and of course debatable

How many of us, as kids , were taught that EGO is an unparliamentary and a banished word from the dictionary of human behaviour ?? My grandmother , mother and almost an entire generation of I-dont-even-know-who-they-are relatives keep telling me that I have a huge EGO.. Of course except my father.. who always keeps telling me that he respects me for my Ego. Hes probably one of the very very few people in our modern/civilized/sophisticated society who knows what exactly Ego means..

All those noble souls who know who Sigmund Freud is , might know what exactly I am trying to convey.. Also known as the father of Psychology/Psychotherapy, he gave a new definition of what Ego is... Human behaviour i…

Should she or shouldnt she ??

Has your brand new Dell laptop ever seemed to you like a person standing in front of you to butcher you ?? Well , for me , it has.. :) Yes.. I had my CF 2 mid term , the very next day and I was rushing through those slides , the day before the exam. I opened my IP messenger in frustration to join one of those 'I HATE FINANCE' groups .. I did not find any !! Boy !! Instead , was attracted to a particular group name that said அன்பிற்கும் உண்டோ, அடைக்கும் தாழ் ? I saw the number of people in that group.. a lone person.. who I havent spoken to much , yet a person who I knew fairly well . I wanted to join the group and so I did.. Those lines from the famous thirukkural kept ringing in my head...thanks to that IP friend of mine for makin me realise the power behind this verse :) I sat in my environmental management class , penning down a short story , based on this verse :)

It was a Saturday morning. Cool breeze felt the contours of my face. “Amma”, she shouted from the terr…

THE Game.. and the emotions sometimes

"Buzzz" rang my phone... and I picked it up with all laziness.. I half opened my eyes to see who had messaged me and it was a pleasant surprise :) One of my frens.. Who I haven spoken to much.. But a good fren and an amazing person.. A true critic of my writing.. He reads every post diligently and gives me his frank opinion.. "Write something about football" read the message :) Well here is one for u dude.. Hope its a nice read :)

Some day in some month of the year 1998 , it was FIFA time.. This time the world cup was in France.. There was great excitement in the air .. It was my first year in Chennai.. I had jus left the place I loved so much.. Hyderabad .. and arrived at Chennai.. to my cousin's place... My parents were still at Hyderabad.. I came early since I was to join school..I had to stay at my aunt's place wid my cousin.

It was the n th time that he put that remote control down in frustration..The match w…

Compromise - A word we all hate to hear..

"Give me that toy.. Its MINE.. " shouted my 6 year old sister.. I had to let go of it yet again.. the GI JOE toys I loved so much.. I walked away , seething in anger when my mom said "Compromise pannu... she is younger to u ".. Duh !! She always supports that devil grrr.. I stormed out of the house .. When I came back , my mom had made chappathis.. again !?!!?! Damn !! They are so hard to eat..I told my thatha "Kashtam.. she makes it like they are tiles.. shall I drop one on the floor and show u ??".. "Shh!!" he said and continued "Compromise.. she is elder to you and she is your mother.." Damn that word again.. Suddenly compromise sounded like an F word to me.. an unparliamentary word.. something I hated to hear..

10 years later , here I stand , knowing the true meaning of the word... Its this.. the rules are simple..
1) We have to know the rules
2) Compromise is something like science and technology .. A doubl…

Have u ever tried answering this ????

I still remember .. It was a Monday morning. My dad sat on his chair in the porch , reading the sports page of the Hindu.. I used to always or rather i still wonder if even the ' proof reader ' would read it so intently.. Grrr... The only thing I hate about newspapers is that it robs me of all the beautiful morning chats wid my dad , or rather shortens them.. (Duh.. no one can stop me from talking.. ).. I pulled the paper and went and curled up to him.. "No school kanna ? " "I have appa.. I jus wanted to talk to u before that.."

Immediately after I said that , my dad looked straight into my eyes as if he was reading the newspaper in my eyes.. He always does that.. looks through me.. and he asked "What is it that you are confused about today ? ".. Wow !!! He knew me so well.. So i started off .. "Appa How do we judge our progress and how do we ensure if we are in the right direction to reach our goal ? "

Love-- My tryst with it

It was a cold winter morning in Hyderabad. 5 am in the morning and a rush of cool breeze woke me up from my slumber. I put my blanket aside and got up from my bed. The floor was cold.. I opened my window and felt the leaves of the mango tree outside my window. I touched the tender leaves , wet with dew drops.. I felt like I was holding a child's hand.. so soft.. so tender and so naive..

The birds started chirping and that reminded me of the proverb 'The early bird gets it worm'.. I smiled to myself and was about to close my window.. Just as I was about to close it , something caught my eye. A lady and a man.... I could see them distinctly from my window..

"U look as fresh as these leaves and the dew drops in them" , said the man. The lady quietly blushed and took a sip of coffee , her hands shivering , as she was holding the cup. The man caught her hand and rubbed it against his , feeling her warmth..

They did not speak anything after that.. Jus looked at each oth…

My land and The petrichor that made me realise it

Well I have to tell u what made me write this.. I was walking along the garden in my house when i was 14 years old.. The first drop of rain fell on the parched ground , after a rather cruel summer.. I looked at the ground below me.. The water drop that fell was absorbed at that instant..The parched ground drank it like a child which drinks a glass of water given to it immediately after a tiring game of football , with a bag of clothes :) Tip tip tip , slowly one drop after another. Mother earth drank to her hearts content.. I could then feel something

Mother Earth not only drank water but also thanked the heavens in her own sweet way.. Well this is what she did.. A pleasant fragrance.. It sent a sense of warmth and a feel of heaven in my blood stream.. THE PETRICHOR.. It was her way of thanking the rain god.. It smelt like heaven.. Perhaps the smell cast a spell on me.. I jus bent down and rubbed my nose on the ground.. I then rest my cheek on it.. For a minute I didn know what i was d…


Do u wanna take a peek into the abode where gods (Read : Devils) live ?? Here is one.. The Pantheon 62 .. @ BIM.. This one is for u gals.. who taught me so many things in life..
July 2nd.. As I stepped into that room of mine.. with a long face.. that I didn know anyone in my room , thro orkut or facebook or any of the BIM communities formed before admission... I saw the names.. Vidya .. Jagadheswari (Hope i got her name right.. els she would burn me to soot with those chandramukhi-ish eyes of hers !!) .. Kasthuri.. OMG.. Look at the name.. sounds so old fashioned..
As i unloaded things in my suit case , I greeted the girl sitting on the bed .. "En peru Divya.. Unga peru ?? " She looked at me as if I had used unparliamentary words.. "Duh.. im talkin in tamil and not abusing u" , I told myself.. (Little did I realise that this chick wouldn have understood a word of what i said ).. She replied.. "En peru Vidya.. na Bangalore lendu varen " (Now I knw where B…

Anjali !! A dedication

When I was a kid and I had my first tryst wid life , it whispered somethin in my ear.. Now thats precisely what im going to share with you now..
I was riding my tricycle fitted with an auto horn in it that said "Pom Pom".. I rode it around the whole house , much to the irritation of my mom.. "Pisasu pisasu.. idhuku appa chellam kuduthu kuduthu keduthu vachirukkaaru", she screamed.. As she was cutting vegetables , I "Pomed" the horn again in her ear and rode away faster so that I was beyond her reach (She wouldnt get up and come and hit me.. duh i knew her so well).. It was evening time and it was time for my dad to come.. I rode the cycle in the sit out which had stairs that led to the garden in my house at hyderabad..
I was busy riding the cycle and didnt notice that one of the wheels was very loose.. It couldn withstand my abuse anymore and it broke .. PHAT !!! .. I rolled down the stairs and my head hit one of them.. My hand was bruised.. Just then my …

Chennaiyil oru kodai mazhai

It was yet another morning for me to rush to my workplace.. I woke up , after the alarm begged me to . I had to cause I had already ignored its call 7 times.. The clock in my hall struck 8:30 and it was as dark as it would be at 5 in the morning. Phew !! Am I in Chennai ??
After a fairly interesting dream , I kicked myself outta my cozy bed.. "Amma paal " , I said.. and she mumbled some curses .. I heard a few words "potta pulla" , "ettu mani" , "Pallu thekkama".. Well I understood.. Im a gal and I m not supposed to sleep beyond 6 , is what she was trying to say. Well well well .. these days I dont see the early morning sun..
I was lookin around for my mobile and saw it flashing franctically with a message from my best frens , wishing me good morning and another telling me that she doesn have to go to office today.. Damn !!!
I got ready and went to the breakfast table with water dripping from my hair. Gomathy paati came rushing to me with a towel …

The first tryst

On the 25 th of August 1988 , I had my first tryst with life and have loved whatever it has shown me till date. The good , the bad and the ugly..
It has always made me wonder.. If I personify life , would it try to convey something in every meeting I have with it ? May be. I shall try deciphering what it conveys in every meeting it has with me and post it here so that I remember what it has taught me , for ages to come.
The conversations I have had wid life , involve so many emotions like joy , happiness , love , hate , sympathy , empathy , disgust .. many more..
Some stay and some fade away..
My close frens have been trying to convince me to start a blog , which I haven so far.. Well here is one.. Jus for those lovely souls who have been reading whatever I write , patiently and giving me their opinions on it. Thank u guys !! I hope ull continue doing the same.
And this one is dedicated to you guys !!