My land and The petrichor that made me realise it

Well I have to tell u what made me write this.. I was walking along the garden in my house when i was 14 years old.. The first drop of rain fell on the parched ground , after a rather cruel summer.. I looked at the ground below me.. The water drop that fell was absorbed at that instant..The parched ground drank it like a child which drinks a glass of water given to it immediately after a tiring game of football , with a bag of clothes :) Tip tip tip , slowly one drop after another. Mother earth drank to her hearts content.. I could then feel something

Mother Earth not only drank water but also thanked the heavens in her own sweet way.. Well this is what she did.. A pleasant fragrance.. It sent a sense of warmth and a feel of heaven in my blood stream.. THE PETRICHOR.. It was her way of thanking the rain god.. It smelt like heaven.. Perhaps the smell cast a spell on me.. I jus bent down and rubbed my nose on the ground.. I then rest my cheek on it.. For a minute I didn know what i was doing.. I felt like i was lying on my mother's lap..

"Honk Honk" cried my sister's tricycle now.. Duh !! Whatever we do to people comes back to us.. I irritated my mother and now she has to irritate me .. her honk brought me back to senses.. I went to my room upstairs with a dazed feeling.. That was the first time I ever felt my love for Mother India.. My land , My soil..

"And then came the Quit India movement" echoed Valli mam's voice for the whole class to hear her.. None of us lost our concentration in her class.. She created in me a love for history and things that happened in the past , that has brought us here , to where we are in the present. As soon as the class was over , I rushed to her and asked "Mam , did u choose to study Indian history because you love India or did you love India because you started studying Indian history".. She looked at me and smiled.. Thats it.. This smile had a thousand answers in it.. But all I heard was "Why dont you read Indian History and tell me ? "

I had a huge pile of my mother's history textbooks lying in one corner of the store room. From it , I picked a red book that was hard bound .. GLIMPSES OF INDIAN HISTORY.. I jus flipped through some pages and randomly picked one.. THE CHAURI CHAURA incident of 1922.. A police station had been set to fire with 22 British occupants in it.. This saw the rise of Bhagath Singh and the withdrawl of Gandhi from the freedom movement.. I slowly started reading one article after another.. I then got an answer to the question I asked Valli mam.. 'Anybody can read Indian history.. To admire it , one must love India and when you read her history , ull love her all the more..'.. With these thoughts in mind , I closed the red book and fell asleep , one day after another ..

I began worshiping mother India.. Her grace , with the snow clad Himalayan mountains that looked like Jasmine flowers that adorned her hair.. The ganges like a diamond necklace that ran through her smooth skin.. Jhelum , Chenab , Ravi , Beas and Sutlej like small beads that adorned her clothes.. I saw her bosom feeding the seven sisters Arunachal Pradesh , Assam , Meghalaya , Manipur , Mizoram , Nagaland and Tripura while she curves at the centre and gracefully stands with her legs folded at the land of the beautiful sunset - Kanyakumari .. What a beautiful Woman I am blessed to have known.. I began loving her with each passing day

It was a few days back that I realised something .. I was texting one of my close friends .. Or were we talkin ??? .. We were talking about people going abroad and he suddenly asked me as to why I was not willing to go abroad.. I dunno what I felt at that instant but I immediately said "India is my mother".. Might sound cinematic to many.. but I jus felt a sense of pride and a rush of hot blood thro my body..Yes.. MY MOTHER she is.. No wonder I loved her.. My friend then told me.. "Write something about her.. I would wanna read".. So here it is.. Something for u.. for havin made me realise my love for her..

PS : To all those reading this post..Thanks for reading it.. I did not write this post to show people how much I love India.. Wanted to convey something.. I have one request to make.. Whenever U have a piece of paper in ur hand and u re throwing it on the road , without looking for a dustbin , please remember that u re putting a beautiful woman to shame.. Admire her beauty and help her remain this way forever.. Lets all take pride in being her children.. JAI HIND


  1. Divya,

    Nice that you've kept it short and simple. Good ending with a nice message.

    Now, I wish I had the school history books with me. Feel like reading them now.

  2. Reminds me of days when I missed my eyes swelled when he used to return from frontiers. Used to hug his worn out boots and sleep when I missed him for mother india.

  3. Divs

    Awesome.. as a young gal I have seen u throw papres properly into the bin and read history books ardently.. so what u have written is what I have been seeing.. Mother India will b proud of u someday ..

  4. "I jus bent down and rubbed my nose on the ground.. I then rest my cheek on it.. For a minute I didn know what i was doing.. "

    I knw wat u wer doing!!!!! I have seen quite a few animals doing dat ;)

  5. @ Pravin

    Dude I knw u wud have sold ur history text books for half rate and ate pericham pazham.. so dont search
    Anyways I owe a thanks to u cause u re the one who made me write this.. thank u :)

  6. @Rajesh
    Thank u so much.. There are millions of chi,dren who have been waiting for their fathers all thro their lives.. Im really proud that u re one of them.. hats off Rajesh.. God bless :)

  7. @ Akshaya and Ananya
    Thank u :)

    @ Avinash

    Ada paavi.. serious post la kooda comedy piece aakariye :)

  8. @ Divya,

    This is just another one medium through which you are expressing yourself. Some feelings are best expressed in written form. And yeah, you are very expressive (for want of a better term).

    Continue writing. You'll only get better at it.

  9. Serious is boring ;) even when i try something serious it feels out of the world, so i end up adding a comic twist to it :)

  10. @Divya: really good flow of thoughts... way to go!!

  11. @ purushoth

    Thank u so much

  12. Memories rolled on. School day memories and sense of guilt for giving up my Indian citizenship. Words are really powerful... Have u ever watched those Italian or French movie where this voice of a lady creates more impact than the actors enacting it... Keep writing!

  13. @ Siddharth

    Thank u so much.. Its okay that u gave up ur citizenship.. U re still an Indian @ heart.. thats what matters the most

  14. i ended up in this blog accidentally while searching for good movies to download and i found dese lines were interesting

    "Mother Earth not only drank water but also thanked the heavens in her own sweet way.. Well this is what she did.. A pleasant fragrance.. It sent a sense of warmth and a feel of heaven in my blood stream.. THE PETRICHOR.. It was her way of thanking the rain god.."

    if u find time write on topics like nostradamus predictions,bermuda triangle etc

  15. @ Muralidharan..

    Thanks and sure ill try writing


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