Compromise - A word we all hate to hear..

"Give me that toy.. Its MINE.. " shouted my 6 year old sister.. I had to let go of it yet again.. the GI JOE toys I loved so much.. I walked away , seething in anger when my mom said "Compromise pannu... she is younger to u ".. Duh !! She always supports that devil grrr.. I stormed out of the house .. When I came back , my mom had made chappathis.. again !?!!?! Damn !! They are so hard to eat..I told my thatha "Kashtam.. she makes it like they are tiles.. shall I drop one on the floor and show u ??".. "Shh!!" he said and continued "Compromise.. she is elder to you and she is your mother.." Damn that word again.. Suddenly compromise sounded like an F word to me.. an unparliamentary word.. something I hated to hear..

10 years later , here I stand , knowing the true meaning of the word... Its this.. the rules are simple..
1) We have to know the rules
2) Compromise is something like science and technology .. A double edged sword.. We should know how to use it .. when to use it..
3) If u still dont understand the rules.. go back to rule 1

I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the halfway, the almost, the in-between.

Yes this is where we should not compromise.. When ur heart says "Go get it !!"..The logic works this way.. Its not "Its almost done so its okay".. It is "Its not fully done so its not okay"..

To say ‘I love you’ one must first know how to say the ‘I’.
I must first realise that there is an "I" to me.. Im a brand.. a master piece.. Only I can be myself.. Never should I compromise on my individuality.. If there is no "I" to me , then Im nothing.. Well even to tell that Im nothing , I would need an I..

I tell myself "Never ask people. Not about your work. Don't you know what you want? How can you stand it, not to know?"
Never should I ask another person as to what I want.. only I know what I want .. If I dont then I dont have a purpose in life.. I would like to make a reference to the movie THE KARATE KID.. "Ask inside urself .. draw energy.. focus .. " said Jackie Chan to the kid.. The kid knew what exactly he wanted .. "Tonight , whatever happens , When I leave this place , I dont wanna be scared ".. Amazing.. He knew what he wanted and got exactly that..

To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That’s what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that is much harder?

For all those believers.. Soul is something that lives even after our death.. For all those non believers.. Soul is something that defines you , sans your physical presence.. How many times have we clearly let ourselves be defined.. Aren we into the rat race ??? Dont we join the "Me too " syndrome most of the time ?? Dont we see people saying "I bribe him cause he wants me to bribe him.." or it is "Avana nirutha sollu na nirutharen"..Have we ever stood up for ourselves and said "This is what I wanna do and no matter what , I WILL DO IT.."

No one can hurt u without ur consent.. How many times have we said "Im hurt.. " But most of the times its jus that we have let ourselves be hurt.. Lets jus try this once.. A shield... That filters all the negativity of the world that might weaken us.. and absorbs all the lessons it teaches to MAKE OURSELVES A BETTER PERSON THAN WE WERE A MINUTE AGO..

Wen I die .. .. .. .. I dont want on myself a sin that can’t be forgiven - that I hadn’t done what I wanted. It feels so dirty and pointless and monstrous, as one feels about insanity, because there’s no sense to to it, no dignity, nothing but pain. I wanna live my life .. The way I want it..PEOPLE may call me names or whatever.. Lets jus remember to say what Socrates said.. "I dont care what people say about me.. I jus care about my mistakes "

Life is not always about being happy.. Its not about everything being perfect.. Its about learning to look beyond those imperfections.. We have a choice.. Either to compromise or to fight it out.. Its up to us to decide what to choose and when..


  1. You've taught me a few good lessons on the importance of compromise. Long before this post was even typed.

    btw, inniku thaan 'karate kid' paathom.. athukulla inga use pannitte.. Good.. leaving no stones unturned eh... Er.. sorry.. oru flow la vanthuduchu...

  2. @ Pravin..

    The pleasure is mine.. But I would like to make a small correction to ur statement.. I did not teach you anythin Pravin.. U chose to learn something from your experiences.. Thats what all of us do.. U have done it more intently this time.. thats all !!

    As for the mokkai.. english la na konjam weak.. palamozhi ellam theriyadhu..

  3. @ Pravin..

    Not humble.. jus tellin u that it would be better if your perception was tht way.. u learning rather than someone teachin u..

  4. i guess the world doesn want "I"..... sometimes not even ur loved ones..... they jus want u to be a reflection of their thoughts.... dats the reason v die fighting to prove "I EXIST n WANT TO LIVE LIKE MYSELF"
    I=ME=MYSELF= "SELF IDENTITY" tougher to prove than I= "bundle of compromises"

  5. @ Prathima

    Thats precisely why we should fight all the more to prove that WE exist.. U must be knowin the origin of all these statements.. They are words of experience.. sometimes it is possible.. not to make compromises and sometimes the compromises are worth it :)

  6. really nice .. well written :)
    i love the closing lines... truly i believe in it immensely !!

  7. @ Lakshmi

    Thanks di.. ultimately thats what life is na.. wen has it ever been without those imperfections

  8. Your blogs are too good as usual. Also I am happy that atleast you have started implementing Psychology now :) Hope you got me. :)

  9. @ Esh

    Yeah got ur point . But then I have been implementing it for quite sometime. Thank u so much.. And keep readin.. thanks for ur encouragement :)

  10. superb expression of words akka!!ths is damn good!!:)

  11. @ Purnima

    Thank u so much dear :)

  12. Theivame....vera level theivame...arivu kannu ku potta shutter ah vedi vechu thagarthitta theivame


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