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Love-- My tryst with it

It was a cold winter morning in Hyderabad. 5 am in the morning and a rush of cool breeze woke me up from my slumber. I put my blanket aside and got up from my bed. The floor was cold.. I opened my window and felt the leaves of the mango tree outside my window. I touched the tender leaves , wet with dew drops.. I felt like I was holding a child's hand.. so soft.. so tender and so naive..

The birds started chirping and that reminded me of the proverb 'The early bird gets it worm'.. I smiled to myself and was about to close my window.. Just as I was about to close it , something caught my eye. A lady and a man.... I could see them distinctly from my window..

"U look as fresh as these leaves and the dew drops in them" , said the man. The lady quietly blushed and took a sip of coffee , her hands shivering , as she was holding the cup. The man caught her hand and rubbed it against his , feeling her warmth..

They did not speak anything after that.. Jus looked at each oth…

My land and The petrichor that made me realise it

Well I have to tell u what made me write this.. I was walking along the garden in my house when i was 14 years old.. The first drop of rain fell on the parched ground , after a rather cruel summer.. I looked at the ground below me.. The water drop that fell was absorbed at that instant..The parched ground drank it like a child which drinks a glass of water given to it immediately after a tiring game of football , with a bag of clothes :) Tip tip tip , slowly one drop after another. Mother earth drank to her hearts content.. I could then feel something

Mother Earth not only drank water but also thanked the heavens in her own sweet way.. Well this is what she did.. A pleasant fragrance.. It sent a sense of warmth and a feel of heaven in my blood stream.. THE PETRICHOR.. It was her way of thanking the rain god.. It smelt like heaven.. Perhaps the smell cast a spell on me.. I jus bent down and rubbed my nose on the ground.. I then rest my cheek on it.. For a minute I didn know what i was d…


Do u wanna take a peek into the abode where gods (Read : Devils) live ?? Here is one.. The Pantheon 62 .. @ BIM.. This one is for u gals.. who taught me so many things in life..
July 2nd.. As I stepped into that room of mine.. with a long face.. that I didn know anyone in my room , thro orkut or facebook or any of the BIM communities formed before admission... I saw the names.. Vidya .. Jagadheswari (Hope i got her name right.. els she would burn me to soot with those chandramukhi-ish eyes of hers !!) .. Kasthuri.. OMG.. Look at the name.. sounds so old fashioned..
As i unloaded things in my suit case , I greeted the girl sitting on the bed .. "En peru Divya.. Unga peru ?? " She looked at me as if I had used unparliamentary words.. "Duh.. im talkin in tamil and not abusing u" , I told myself.. (Little did I realise that this chick wouldn have understood a word of what i said ).. She replied.. "En peru Vidya.. na Bangalore lendu varen " (Now I knw where B…

Anjali !! A dedication

When I was a kid and I had my first tryst wid life , it whispered somethin in my ear.. Now thats precisely what im going to share with you now..
I was riding my tricycle fitted with an auto horn in it that said "Pom Pom".. I rode it around the whole house , much to the irritation of my mom.. "Pisasu pisasu.. idhuku appa chellam kuduthu kuduthu keduthu vachirukkaaru", she screamed.. As she was cutting vegetables , I "Pomed" the horn again in her ear and rode away faster so that I was beyond her reach (She wouldnt get up and come and hit me.. duh i knew her so well).. It was evening time and it was time for my dad to come.. I rode the cycle in the sit out which had stairs that led to the garden in my house at hyderabad..
I was busy riding the cycle and didnt notice that one of the wheels was very loose.. It couldn withstand my abuse anymore and it broke .. PHAT !!! .. I rolled down the stairs and my head hit one of them.. My hand was bruised.. Just then my …

Chennaiyil oru kodai mazhai

It was yet another morning for me to rush to my workplace.. I woke up , after the alarm begged me to . I had to cause I had already ignored its call 7 times.. The clock in my hall struck 8:30 and it was as dark as it would be at 5 in the morning. Phew !! Am I in Chennai ??
After a fairly interesting dream , I kicked myself outta my cozy bed.. "Amma paal " , I said.. and she mumbled some curses .. I heard a few words "potta pulla" , "ettu mani" , "Pallu thekkama".. Well I understood.. Im a gal and I m not supposed to sleep beyond 6 , is what she was trying to say. Well well well .. these days I dont see the early morning sun..
I was lookin around for my mobile and saw it flashing franctically with a message from my best frens , wishing me good morning and another telling me that she doesn have to go to office today.. Damn !!!
I got ready and went to the breakfast table with water dripping from my hair. Gomathy paati came rushing to me with a towel …

The first tryst

On the 25 th of August 1988 , I had my first tryst with life and have loved whatever it has shown me till date. The good , the bad and the ugly..
It has always made me wonder.. If I personify life , would it try to convey something in every meeting I have with it ? May be. I shall try deciphering what it conveys in every meeting it has with me and post it here so that I remember what it has taught me , for ages to come.
The conversations I have had wid life , involve so many emotions like joy , happiness , love , hate , sympathy , empathy , disgust .. many more..
Some stay and some fade away..
My close frens have been trying to convince me to start a blog , which I haven so far.. Well here is one.. Jus for those lovely souls who have been reading whatever I write , patiently and giving me their opinions on it. Thank u guys !! I hope ull continue doing the same.
And this one is dedicated to you guys !!