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Love at nth sight !

It was a fairly long walk.. 10 kilometres. But all is fair in love. My love for you helped me to trudge on. I wanted to see you, but I didn’t know and wasn’t sure if you wanted the same. Again, my love for you, made me trust that you’ll want to see me, as much as I wanted to see you. It was like as if I whispered in your ear and you whispered back, saying yes you too want to see me and meet me, as much as I wanted to. Those powerful eyes, that majestic look of yours, the jewels that adorned your body and the genuine smile on your lips. You make my heart, skip a beat. Oh how much I love you and how much I pine for you, the love of my life
There were many waiting to see you. I sat outside the road, leading to your house and waited with bated breath. Some said, there is no point in waiting, as there were many. Some asked all of those who were waiting, to come tomorrow. Some said that you would meet only important people and not stray ones like me! I trusted, I believed and waited. You …

First things first

“Well, stay back.. I get to reach first. If you let me go, I promise to uphold the interests of all you fellows” bellowed a scrawny headed worm... A worm? Wait... what is it? Oh god. Not a worm but a sperm. Yes it’s a sssssperm. The race begins there. Who reaches the target, ahead of the rest. Hello Mr.Darwin, are you listening? It’s the survival of not just the fittest, but also the fastest. Welcome to India, where coming first, be it in a class or race or even to catch a bus or train, matters a lot.

Coming back to the sperm… Benefits of reaching first, it’s now a curious eyed baby girl, with teeth just starting to come out, coconut tree shaped plait jutting out of the head and busy observing other babies around. All of them were crawling in what seemed like a day care centre. The care-taker never asked for a race, nor did she prompt it. When one kid started crawling and the other overtook it, then the sight was that of a highway in which teenagers would probably have a bike race. Th…

Pass me a glass please !

It’s one of those pleasant dreams that you get after a tired and long day out there. This was one such a dream. A dream which was actually a replay of my under graduation days. The most beautiful days of my life, in one way. Today, when I look back at it, it is like an amateur’s painting. So satisfying, inspite of the small flaws that it may have. Cheers to the 2 most important people, who’ve made it the way it is! Introducing, Bharath Raam and Rajkumar, the two blokes, you can afford to count on, at any point of time in life. Orkut being extinct, I wanted this testimony to be etched in cyberspace :P. This one is for you guys!Bharath Raam, my first friend in college and the best. The first time I saw his name on the notice board. Bharath Raam C.V, I thought “C.V Raman types ?” and then I realised hes nothing short of it :P :P (Dei idhu konjam over thaan I know. But chumma oru bit )He’s one of the most confusing, quirky and erratic persons you would have ever met and can ever meet. L…