Chennaiyil oru kodai mazhai

It was yet another morning for me to rush to my workplace.. I woke up , after the alarm begged me to . I had to cause I had already ignored its call 7 times.. The clock in my hall struck 8:30 and it was as dark as it would be at 5 in the morning. Phew !! Am I in Chennai ??

After a fairly interesting dream , I kicked myself outta my cozy bed.. "Amma paal " , I said.. and she mumbled some curses .. I heard a few words "potta pulla" , "ettu mani" , "Pallu thekkama".. Well I understood.. Im a gal and I m not supposed to sleep beyond 6 , is what she was trying to say. Well well well .. these days I dont see the early morning sun..

I was lookin around for my mobile and saw it flashing franctically with a message from my best frens , wishing me good morning and another telling me that she doesn have to go to office today.. Damn !!!

I got ready and went to the breakfast table with water dripping from my hair. Gomathy paati came rushing to me with a towel and wiped the water off my hair.. I gave her a hug and felt her warmth for a second..

She then asked me to eat well.. I saw what was there on the plate.. wow... hot puliyodharai on a rainy day.. It smelt so good.. The brown rice , garnished with peanuts and soaked in ghee.. Gomathy paati has always made tasty food.

I gulped it and felt a warmth down my throat.. I ran outside the house , pretending to forget my umbrella. Wow there it was.. the Chennai kodai mazhai.. It ran thro my hair , my eyes and thenn thro my lips.. The water tasted so good..

"Auto , Cenatoph road varuvingala " , I asked , mentally praying that he shouldn agree so that I could go late to office and enjoy the rain for some more time. "Ille papa.. Vandi varadhu.. traffiic jam".. Ha ha great news !!!!!

I waded thro the knee length pool that had been formed , as a result of the continuous downpour. I met a small boy , who was trying to play with paper boats.. He gave me a big broad smile... How I wish I could play too..

The small drops ran through my body and I was completely wet and soaked. I finally saw an auto.. He agreed to take me to Cenatoph for 150 bucks..Damn !! I had to agree.. As I was travelling , I looked at Chennai and its roads.. Infested wid vehicles .. like small ants rushing towards a single large sugar candy..( ahem im one of those ants.. ) . The anna univ campus looked more beautiful than it ever did.. The kotturpuram park which I see everyday was so deserted wid only water in it.. I wishd I could get down and dance in the middle of the road. "Boss thats allowed only in movies :( not in reality :( " said some inner voice that often brings me back to my senses...

The auto halted in front of Cavinville.. I got down and paid him 150 rupees of my hard earned money.. I didn bother to use anythin to protect myself frm the rain.. People looked at me as if I was insane.. As i entered the office I understood why people thought I was insane.. Centralised AC and the temperature was 16 degrees :( Damn !!! Now Im visiting the loo every 20 mins..
This is the 19 th minute and I havta sign off.. bubyeeee.. enjoy Chennaiyil oru kodai mazhai..


  1. Happy to see you blogging.You've always had this flair and it shows.Hope to see more of it in the days to come!!!

  2. @ Abhinav and Hari

    Thanks a lot..

  3. Typical Divya!!! Good work!!! I liked the romantic description of the rain blending with a comical end.. ha ha.. too good :)

  4. i am not there in chennai now to enjoy the rains and was feeling a little bad .... but reading through your post has left me completely drenched!!! nice one :-)

    keep writing!!

  5. @ lakshmi

    Thank u so much di.. Nice to see comments from ppl like u who also blog.. u wud know the intricacies better.. I have jus started.. hope to receive ur valuable comments throughout.. Thank u so much.. and yea the chennai rain misses u.. pl keep readin

  6. the best part is ur writings bring in a lot of visuals ..nice one...keep it coming

  7. @ Arun
    Thanks a lot Arun.. Really encouraging :)


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