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#3 - An ode to Kanmani and her Kalvan - Rahman's musical treat - Ok Kanmani

The first text from a special person! Those butterflies in the stomach! You consciously or sub consciously want all their attention yet careful to take it all slow and before you even realize, the stranger becomes an acquaintance! The “neenga” becomes “nee” and then all that follows before it metamorphoses into a convivial companionship! You feel a certain sense of warmth, their presence in your life makes you feel your heart beat 100 times a minute (perhaps it does!) And before you realize, it hits you hard. The hardness with which it hits may vary but it hits you for sure. Yes, you! 

It all starts when you look at the person for the first time and you instantly connect to them. Your heart goes like – damn how did I not meet this person so long! No – it’s not the looks that I am talking about! It could be anything! Smartness?  Voice? Something as small as the red bindi on her forehead? Sometimes it’s even the imperfections and for all you know it could just be her aura – I don’t know …

An Ode to Ratnam - Rahman - Dil Se

Dil se/ Uyire  – Some movies are conceived  well ahead of their times and the makers show conviction in attempting something that has never been thought of before. While such films fail miserably in the box office, time and audience bestow a haloed nostalgia upon them for eons to come. Dil se is a deliciously layered dish topped with love in the backdrop of terrorism. The movie released in an era where romance was best imagined in international locations or on mustard fields and Ratnam gave it a completely new dimension
One lead character – from the heart of India – its capital city and another from a politically – socially sidelined – literally and figuratively a cornered state – one of the 7 sisters – Assam, Ratnam pens their story which traverses through 7 stages of love, as referred to in Arabic literature - attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death.
How can one miss out the beauty of his trusted lieutenant and the embodiment of music in itself – AR Ra…