The first tryst

On the 25 th of August 1988 , I had my first tryst with life and have loved whatever it has shown me till date. The good , the bad and the ugly..

It has always made me wonder.. If I personify life , would it try to convey something in every meeting I have with it ? May be. I shall try deciphering what it conveys in every meeting it has with me and post it here so that I remember what it has taught me , for ages to come.

The conversations I have had wid life , involve so many emotions like joy , happiness , love , hate , sympathy , empathy , disgust .. many more..

Some stay and some fade away..

My close frens have been trying to convince me to start a blog , which I haven so far.. Well here is one.. Jus for those lovely souls who have been reading whatever I write , patiently and giving me their opinions on it. Thank u guys !! I hope ull continue doing the same.

And this one is dedicated to you guys !!


  1. Write your way to glory! You are the man.

  2. Thank u dude.. ellam unga asirvadham

  3. Great thing.the glowing graffitti styled name itself is cool.expecting all those wonderful thoughts and memories to flow from mind and heart.just here to say that we are here to read your blog.... :)

  4. @ Rajesh

    Thank u so much
    The graffiti as I said.. The credit goes to my fren Pravin who gave it to me as a gift to encourage me to start blogging..


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