#3 - An ode to Kanmani and her Kalvan - Rahman's musical treat - Ok Kanmani

The first text from a special person! Those butterflies in the stomach! You consciously or sub consciously want all their attention yet careful to take it all slow and before you even realize, the stranger becomes an acquaintance! The “neenga” becomes “nee” and then all that follows before it metamorphoses into a convivial companionship! You feel a certain sense of warmth, their presence in your life makes you feel your heart beat 100 times a minute (perhaps it does!) And before you realize, it hits you hard. The hardness with which it hits may vary but it hits you for sure. Yes, you! 

It all starts when you look at the person for the first time and you instantly connect to them. Your heart goes like – damn how did I not meet this person so long! No – it’s not the looks that I am talking about! It could be anything! Smartness?  Voice? Something as small as the red bindi on her forehead? Sometimes it’s even the imperfections and for all you know it could just be her aura – I don’t know …

An Ode to Ratnam - Rahman - Dil Se

Dil se/ Uyire  – Some movies are conceived  well ahead of their times and the makers show conviction in attempting something that has never been thought of before. While such films fail miserably in the box office, time and audience bestow a haloed nostalgia upon them for eons to come. Dil se is a deliciously layered dish topped with love in the backdrop of terrorism. The movie released in an era where romance was best imagined in international locations or on mustard fields and Ratnam gave it a completely new dimension
One lead character – from the heart of India – its capital city and another from a politically – socially sidelined – literally and figuratively a cornered state – one of the 7 sisters – Assam, Ratnam pens their story which traverses through 7 stages of love, as referred to in Arabic literature - attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death.
How can one miss out the beauty of his trusted lieutenant and the embodiment of music in itself – AR Ra…

Pudhu Vellai Mazhai - An ode to love !

This post is best read with the song playing in your mind or on your computer :-)

The warmth of his skin tugged at her eyelids. He was leading her to a new path, a new experience, a new life and most importantly with him by her side. She could feel his breath on her neck. He was taking his hands away from her eyelids. They begged them to stay – her eyelids. They wanted the warmth of his skin – the tingling feeling!

But what Roja – the 18 year old from Sundarapandiapuram saw next, was a sight to kill for! The sight of the snow clad mountains clearly excited the girl in her. The man who stood next to her excited the woman in her! Rishi!  She bit her lips as the snow bit her flesh. She looked at him with as much awe as she looked at the sight in front of her!

இங்குசொல்லாதஇடம்கூடக்குளிர்கின்றது மனம்சூடானஇடம்தேடிஅலைகின்றது

Rishi, the man who she hated, just days ago, Rishi who she wanted to stay away from days ago – broke the glass wall between them and with it her ego! It was only as stro…

Gowri kalyaanam vaibogame !

Sri flipped open the pages of her diary, which she updates, quite regularly. Her gaze froze on the date and her lips curled, to reveal a crooked smile – her trademark! It was the 12th of October, on her diary – the day she and Gautham, entered a bond of togetherness, a promise meant to be kept for life. It was the day of a wedding of elaborate elegance, the day they said yes, to each other!
What impressed me was the way Sri narrated the rituals of a typical TamBrahm wedding! It sent visuals all across my mind. I could almost imagine every scene of what she narrated. All what seemed like rituals to me, made sense. It made absolute sense, as each portion seemed to strengthen the bond, they already had, for each other!
They got married, the typical Tamil Brahmin way. The wedding rituals for a Tamil Iyer wedding was typically meant to last 5 days. But modern times have cropped the whole wedding to crisp 3 day grand celebration at a kalayana mandapam (wedding hall). With changing times ev…

The boy and his girl !

“Hey, I am sorry. I am late as usual”, he said, grasping for breath. He was the scrawny guy, who was not astonishingly handsome, who did not have one of those love-at-first-sight looks, who is not someone you will go weak on your knees on seeing. But to her, he was all of this and more.
She was angry. If he touched her cheeks right now, he would feel the heat of her anger. They were flushing in anger! Sri had been waiting for quite some time now.
“Gautham this is probably the I-dunno-how-many-th-time you are doing this. Say sorry only when you mean it. Not if you are going to repeat it again”, she sulked
He stood there smiling, as if nothing had happened. He was panting for breath. Late that he was, he always had the urgency to see her. To see that little glow on her face, whenever she saw him, to see her cheeks flush in anger and to see… hold it. She just smiled!
“Listen. You do anything but adjust that hair of yours. The way it is unkempt and the way you ruffle it just makes me …

Good ? Bad ? Ugly ?

“No Karna. I was not cheating.”

“This is unfair Bhanumathi. You cheat and on top of it, you walk off”, said Karna and suddenly grabbed her hip chain. The pearls in the chain scattered all over the room. Bhanumathi’s face went red. She was called a satiratna, for she had absolute devotion to her husband. Not another man’s shadow befell her. This was his friend’s shadow. What was going to happen?

Droplets of sweat trickled down Bhanumathi’s forehead. She was visibly tensed. Karna, who has never been around women, didn’t know how to react. Bhanumathi was his first woman-friend. He was unsure if he had hurt Bhanumathi.

Duryodhana walked into the room. The attendants in the room were trying to predict as to what would happen. Some thought ‘How could he tug at her waist belt. A woman’s waist belt. That too she was no ordinary woman. She is the wife of the crown prince of Hastinapur. Princess Bhanumathi’. Some thought ‘Here breaks the legendary friendship of Karna and Duryodhana, like the pear…