Do u wanna take a peek into the abode where gods (Read : Devils) live ?? Here is one.. The Pantheon 62 .. @ BIM.. This one is for u gals.. who taught me so many things in life..

July 2nd.. As I stepped into that room of mine.. with a long face.. that I didn know anyone in my room , thro orkut or facebook or any of the BIM communities formed before admission... I saw the names.. Vidya .. Jagadheswari (Hope i got her name right.. els she would burn me to soot with those chandramukhi-ish eyes of hers !!) .. Kasthuri.. OMG.. Look at the name.. sounds so old fashioned..

As i unloaded things in my suit case , I greeted the girl sitting on the bed .. "En peru Divya.. Unga peru ?? " She looked at me as if I had used unparliamentary words.. "Duh.. im talkin in tamil and not abusing u" , I told myself.. (Little did I realise that this chick wouldn have understood a word of what i said ).. She replied.. "En peru Vidya.. na Bangalore lendu varen " (Now I knw where Bombay-origin Taaamill heroines get their accent training from.. Vidu of course !!! ).. This gal has always amazed me with her sense of perfection in everything she does (Except of course her tamil ).. She calls kozhakattai as kolkattai.. and tries to adopt new hair styles but fails miserably :P Yet she has got this huge fan following in college.. Vidu has gone thro a lot in life @ BIM but has always had a non chalant attitude towards naysayers and rest.. Amazingly bold and straight forward..

Back to flashback.. I saw a girl with almost her entire family.. thatha paati chithappa chithi periamma peryappa onnu veettu whatever !!! Wel she landed in BIM and peeped into our house.. Introducing.. Jagadheswari Ramalingam .. As soon as I saw the disgusted look on her face , I thought she didnt like my room so I guided her to the next room where vidya stayed.. (She still curses me for it cause my room has a window from which the bru stall and rooms near it can be seen :P ) She made her mom clean the room and slept her way to glory on the first day itself.. Gal U ve taught me what work ethics is.. A person with a heart of gold , (Molten gold cause she tries to be nice to everyone.. ) but makes her dad carry uppu moottai and jumps on his lap (Poor man :( ).. Jaggu as we affectionately call her, likes doin crazy stuff like laughing non stop in the middle of the night wid MIS exam fast approaching .. She opens a packet of potato chips and shows it to the calendar in front of her which has pullaiyaar in it. (I don wanna mention what els she would show.. She ll remember what I told her when she reads this post).. A child at heart but a smart woman.. Im sure ull go places gal

July 2nd again.. A woman walks into the room.. I thought she has come for her daughter's admission.. Nay , not so.. She introduces herself... "Hi Im Kasthuri.. Im 25 (She carefully reduces her age and mentions it even before ppl ask her ).. May I know if the house has a Western Toilet ??" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... What a worry !!! An amazing (old) lady who has been my everything at BIM.. An epitome of patience and goodness .. words fail me now.. Her first worry was that BIM rooms dont have a western toilet (Why shld this bother u kash :P) and that it doesn have an AC.. But now she loves the room the way it is.. (She keeps her room so dirty that a snake thought it was some garbage heap and entered the room ) She has taught me that friendship is about being selfless.. about caring more for others than about you.. She walked into my world whenever people walked out of it.. She makes people look up to her..
Whatever it is her kids would suffer cause she would make them google to read 'A for Aesthetic B for Bombastic' (A for Apple is for common people.. Duh !! Kash is a researcher)..A hardworker and a headbanger during exams :P Love u kash

The dim light room always seems bright with u gals around.. I really cant write the naughty things we have done together.. That only four of us knw.. So many emotions.. Love joy happiness pain fights shouting hitttin.. what not.. The journey has been amazing !!

62 is incomplete without the support of BOSS and LAKSHMI.. They have always been an integral part of it.. Thank u Boss and Thank u lakshmi.. These are 2 people who are our virtual room mates.. Their support and love has always kept us going

Hope we stay this way forever

PS : If Im admitted in the hospital after this , it means ppl damaged in this post have subjected me to physical assault with dangerous weapons..


  1. ya i like the photo a lot even though kash looks drunk as ever :P
    u hve given the perfect description of everyone absolutely!! amazingly hilarious :)

  2. @ Lakshmi

    Thank u gal.. and yea u don get a pic where kash doesn look drunk.. perhaps when u take it without her knowledge may be she wud look fine.. fine as in un-drunk :)


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