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Good ? Bad ? Ugly ?

“No Karna. I was not cheating.”

“This is unfair Bhanumathi. You cheat and on top of it, you walk off”, said Karna and suddenly grabbed her hip chain. The pearls in the chain scattered all over the room. Bhanumathi’s face went red. She was called a satiratna, for she had absolute devotion to her husband. Not another man’s shadow befell her. This was his friend’s shadow. What was going to happen?

Droplets of sweat trickled down Bhanumathi’s forehead. She was visibly tensed. Karna, who has never been around women, didn’t know how to react. Bhanumathi was his first woman-friend. He was unsure if he had hurt Bhanumathi.

Duryodhana walked into the room. The attendants in the room were trying to predict as to what would happen. Some thought ‘How could he tug at her waist belt. A woman’s waist belt. That too she was no ordinary woman. She is the wife of the crown prince of Hastinapur. Princess Bhanumathi’. Some thought ‘Here breaks the legendary friendship of Karna and Duryodhana, like the pear…

Indian Cricket is bigger than IPL,.. I love it more than I love my CSK..

Now what prompted me to write this ?? The sad state of cricket in India... Cricket was not in my world before the Natwest series.. And why did I start watching it ? Because I took a sudden intense liking to Dravid and Ganguly.. If India was playing, irrespective of whether I understood cricket or not, I watched.. But I vivdly remember that Yuvraj won the man of the match anfd Ganguly removed his t shirt and started swinging it.. Winning as team India.. it was sheer pleasure.. Given that it was my first International game, I lacked the knowledge.. not that I have solid knowledge of cricket now, but the only time I gave it a break was during my post graduation days.. Thanks to a cricket ground right behind my office, I get to see even the local TNCA matches here.. BTW Badri plays well in those matches ;-) COming to the point..
Didnt we grow up watching the likes of Dravid, Ganguly, Sachin, Kumble and Laxman ?? Dravid taught us how to keep our calm in the most difficult of times.. Gangul…

Love at nth sight !

It was a fairly long walk.. 10 kilometres. But all is fair in love. My love for you helped me to trudge on. I wanted to see you, but I didn’t know and wasn’t sure if you wanted the same. Again, my love for you, made me trust that you’ll want to see me, as much as I wanted to see you. It was like as if I whispered in your ear and you whispered back, saying yes you too want to see me and meet me, as much as I wanted to. Those powerful eyes, that majestic look of yours, the jewels that adorned your body and the genuine smile on your lips. You make my heart, skip a beat. Oh how much I love you and how much I pine for you, the love of my life
There were many waiting to see you. I sat outside the road, leading to your house and waited with bated breath. Some said, there is no point in waiting, as there were many. Some asked all of those who were waiting, to come tomorrow. Some said that you would meet only important people and not stray ones like me! I trusted, I believed and waited. You …

First things first

“Well, stay back.. I get to reach first. If you let me go, I promise to uphold the interests of all you fellows” bellowed a scrawny headed worm... A worm? Wait... what is it? Oh god. Not a worm but a sperm. Yes it’s a sssssperm. The race begins there. Who reaches the target, ahead of the rest. Hello Mr.Darwin, are you listening? It’s the survival of not just the fittest, but also the fastest. Welcome to India, where coming first, be it in a class or race or even to catch a bus or train, matters a lot.

Coming back to the sperm… Benefits of reaching first, it’s now a curious eyed baby girl, with teeth just starting to come out, coconut tree shaped plait jutting out of the head and busy observing other babies around. All of them were crawling in what seemed like a day care centre. The care-taker never asked for a race, nor did she prompt it. When one kid started crawling and the other overtook it, then the sight was that of a highway in which teenagers would probably have a bike race. Th…

Pass me a glass please !

It’s one of those pleasant dreams that you get after a tired and long day out there. This was one such a dream. A dream which was actually a replay of my under graduation days. The most beautiful days of my life, in one way. Today, when I look back at it, it is like an amateur’s painting. So satisfying, inspite of the small flaws that it may have. Cheers to the 2 most important people, who’ve made it the way it is! Introducing, Bharath Raam and Rajkumar, the two blokes, you can afford to count on, at any point of time in life. Orkut being extinct, I wanted this testimony to be etched in cyberspace :P. This one is for you guys!Bharath Raam, my first friend in college and the best. The first time I saw his name on the notice board. Bharath Raam C.V, I thought “C.V Raman types ?” and then I realised hes nothing short of it :P :P (Dei idhu konjam over thaan I know. But chumma oru bit )He’s one of the most confusing, quirky and erratic persons you would have ever met and can ever meet. L…

Shadows of light part 2

Yet another incident comes to my mind when I think of Bheem. The final journey. The Mahaprasthanika Parva. A figment of imagination to the Parva
“I know time has come for all of us to leave. Let’s start our journey together, one after another. Follow me my brothers and O princess of Panchala” said Yudhishtir, preparing for their final journey to heaven abode.
“In this journey, no one shall turn back when someone falls” , reiterated Yudhistra.

Bhima glanced at Draupadi. She was as non-chalant as ever. Did she love him as much as he loved her? He wanted to ask Draupadi so many questions. Images of his conversations with Draupadi, during the Ashwamedha Yagna and Kichaka vadha were flashing in his mind.

Draupadi never showed her love for him. Did she love him at all? He did not dare to ask her. For he never wanted to be the reason behind those tear drops that kissed her cheeks.
They started walking. Draupadi was walking behind all of them. He kept turning to look at her. He wanted to ask her…

Shadows of light


Krsnaa, Paanchaali, Yajnaseni, Mahabhaarathi, Sairandhari, also better known as Draupadi, the symbol of self - confidence, beauty, devotion and virginity is full of surprises and questions when dwelt upon.

“I wont rest until the blood of the sinning Duchadhanan and Duriyodhanan have caressed my hair . Until that day comes, my hair shall remain the way it does today, unbraided, uncared for just like I am today.” So says Draupadi according to the Tamil poet Bharathiyar in his Paanchali Sabadam.

Draupadi, the kuru princess is an enigma of sorts. Right from her birth, everything about her was different. She was not the demure leading lady that we have come to expect from ancient Indian tales. She made people sit up and take notice with everything that she did, though much of what happened to her was beyond her control. Whether it was being married to five men or forcefully disrobed by her own brothers-in-law, it was impossible to not be bewitched with her life. And then there are all the…

Nalliravu pona pinne velli mulaikkum

Dear Kamal sir,

I thought a hundred times before penning this. But then I decided that I owe you this one. I was not on social networking sites much for the last few months.

But when there was uproar about Vishwaroopam, I felt really bad and hurt and sought the voices of like-minded people. I saw the sites filled with posts on why the ban shouldn’t have happened and how we are insulting an artiste. I was happy and proud that there were so many people to your defence. Be it fans or just cinema lovers.

Yesterday was something different. The chief minister had given an excellent explanation based on facts as to why this ban was upheld. I was very eager to hear you on news channels yesterday night. And I must tell you that your interview changed my perspective of so many things. There are lot of lessons that I learnt from this entire episode and all these lessons are the ones you have taught us in your movies. But today to see you practice it in real life, made me feel that when you …