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Pudhu Vellai Mazhai - An ode to love !

This post is best read with the song playing in your mind or on your computer :-)

The warmth of his skin tugged at her eyelids. He was leading her to a new path, a new experience, a new life and most importantly with him by her side. She could feel his breath on her neck. He was taking his hands away from her eyelids. They begged them to stay – her eyelids. They wanted the warmth of his skin – the tingling feeling!

But what Roja – the 18 year old from Sundarapandiapuram saw next, was a sight to kill for! The sight of the snow clad mountains clearly excited the girl in her. The man who stood next to her excited the woman in her! Rishi!  She bit her lips as the snow bit her flesh. She looked at him with as much awe as she looked at the sight in front of her!

இங்குசொல்லாதஇடம்கூடக்குளிர்கின்றது மனம்சூடானஇடம்தேடிஅலைகின்றது

Rishi, the man who she hated, just days ago, Rishi who she wanted to stay away from days ago – broke the glass wall between them and with it her ego! It was only as stro…