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The boy and his girl !

“Hey, I am sorry. I am late as usual”, he said, grasping for breath. He was the scrawny guy, who was not astonishingly handsome, who did not have one of those love-at-first-sight looks, who is not someone you will go weak on your knees on seeing. But to her, he was all of this and more.
She was angry. If he touched her cheeks right now, he would feel the heat of her anger. They were flushing in anger! Sri had been waiting for quite some time now.
“Gautham this is probably the I-dunno-how-many-th-time you are doing this. Say sorry only when you mean it. Not if you are going to repeat it again”, she sulked
He stood there smiling, as if nothing had happened. He was panting for breath. Late that he was, he always had the urgency to see her. To see that little glow on her face, whenever she saw him, to see her cheeks flush in anger and to see… hold it. She just smiled!
“Listen. You do anything but adjust that hair of yours. The way it is unkempt and the way you ruffle it just makes me …