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DONT WAIT FOR GOD... JUST REPORT ABUSE A mob goes ahead and molests a teenager. They beat her, humiliate her, grope her private parts, strip her in full public view. A part of the “August audience” to the entire incident are watching in rapt attention. Well well, I am not going to condemn that, as I know there would be a prompt response “They were drunk. They were scary and could do anything to us if we stop them.” Fine, point taken. But what about the “daring and dashing” members of this “august audience” who caught the entire thing on camera and uploaded it for the entire world to watch the video. What if the drunkards harmed you? They wouldn’t , cause its convenient for us to assume so. I am not saying that somebody should have jumped into action and attacked the rapists single handed. But there were more members in the “august audience” than the esteemed rapists. This has happened in the past, it is happening in the present. I know not about the future. Remember the cheer h…