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The ME in me !!

CAUTION : This is not one of those extremely entertaining feel good posts.. It is about how Selfishness can be interpreted as a virtue and about how it is important to be the Brand " U " .. But I promise you that it would be worth a read and of course debatable

How many of us, as kids , were taught that EGO is an unparliamentary and a banished word from the dictionary of human behaviour ?? My grandmother , mother and almost an entire generation of I-dont-even-know-who-they-are relatives keep telling me that I have a huge EGO.. Of course except my father.. who always keeps telling me that he respects me for my Ego. Hes probably one of the very very few people in our modern/civilized/sophisticated society who knows what exactly Ego means..

All those noble souls who know who Sigmund Freud is , might know what exactly I am trying to convey.. Also known as the father of Psychology/Psychotherapy, he gave a new definition of what Ego is... Human behaviour i…