Love-- My tryst with it

It was a cold winter morning in Hyderabad. 5 am in the morning and a rush of cool breeze woke me up from my slumber. I put my blanket aside and got up from my bed. The floor was cold.. I opened my window and felt the leaves of the mango tree outside my window. I touched the tender leaves , wet with dew drops.. I felt like I was holding a child's hand.. so soft.. so tender and so naive..

The birds started chirping and that reminded me of the proverb 'The early bird gets it worm'.. I smiled to myself and was about to close my window.. Just as I was about to close it , something caught my eye. A lady and a man.... I could see them distinctly from my window..

"U look as fresh as these leaves and the dew drops in them" , said the man. The lady quietly blushed and took a sip of coffee , her hands shivering , as she was holding the cup. The man caught her hand and rubbed it against his , feeling her warmth..

They did not speak anything after that.. Jus looked at each other , yet spoke a million words.. Love it was and I could feel what it was for the first time in my life.. He didn tell her that he loved her , nor did she tell him that she d die for him. Yet , they lived for each other..

It started drizzling and the lady covered the man with the pallu of her saree. He inturn , put the pallu to cover her hair that was already greying so fast. Together they ran into my house.. My grand parents they were.. They have loved each other so much for the past 50 years.. Those small fights that they have always had , brought them closer..

I ran down to see what they were doing.. Paati was wiping the water off thatha s hair (He had only 15 hair strands ) yet she was wiping the water off the little hair that he had , so carefully , so gently .. Thatha was asking her to wipe it off her hair first .. She smiled.. She has lived for him all through her life.. Loved him and accepted him the way he was.. I felt so cold and yet a surge of warmth rushed thro me.. Love it was and I could feel it..

Later that evening , I asked paati.. "How come people of your generation live together for 50 years and yet dont dislike each other even a bit ?" .. She smiled at the stupid question I had asked and replied "That is because we love each other. We dont jus think that we love each other but show it and feel it. We accept each other the way we are. It is easy to love someone who has all the qualities u like. It is easy to change someone they way u like and love them. But true love is when u love the person for what they are and respect the fact that individuals differ and that it needs to be accepted "

All this she said in Tamil but I translated it in English and wrote it down in my diary.. I still have that diary.. Whenever I see people walking together or talking , I wonder if they love each other or they think they love each other.. I keep reading these lines.. over and over again.. But to me Love is what I saw in the eyes of my grand parents as they were sitting in that garden , looking at each other.. A sight to remember !!!!!!


  1. There are many people who would never have been in love if they had never heared love spoken of.

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  3. @ Rajesh
    Y did u remove a post :)

    @ Sharanya
    Thank u so much

  4. it got posted twice.nothing mokkai...wats cure for love at first sight asked some one to socrates.take a second closer look,it really helps he said...:)

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  6. truly, love as in those times can never come back today ...

  7. @ Hari

    Thank u so much hari !! :)

    @ Lakshmi

    Yeah true.. hope atleast one or 2 ppl re like that these days :)

  8. here is an artilce to say life nd law are opposite to each other.... Silence never amounts to acceptance is only fr d books..... :P
    True love speaks thru silence nd accepting dat makes it eternal...
    nice work pah... keep it goin :)

  9. The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but still to hold hands..... beautifully written..... reassures my faith in "TRUE"relationship.....
    awesome.... divya....

  10. @ Prathima..

    Thank u so much.. and yea.. thats the essence of love.. agree to disagree

  11. Yo miss humble. When i read this, i can feel the genuine love between them. Nicely described..
    since u asked me to find something negative... I'll give u an analogy.. imagine u are lost in an awesome movie where every frame is well placed and well shot... and 'suddenly' it ends with a sweet message.. U feel sad..
    thats what i feel... but seriously keep writing..
    Best Newbie blog ~ well deserved.

  12. Well may be i didn't put it properly.. its a kind of disappointment when the movie portrays the stuff sooo nicely that u feel like watching it endlessly but thrs always an end for all good things... whoa... im flattering tooo much i guess... haha.. anyways nice one mate...

  13. @ Siddharth

    Thank u so much.. But I dunno if I deserve the endlessly part.. :) Keep reading and keep commenting.. thanks for the encouragement


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