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Indian Cricket is bigger than IPL,.. I love it more than I love my CSK..

Now what prompted me to write this ?? The sad state of cricket in India... Cricket was not in my world before the Natwest series.. And why did I start watching it ? Because I took a sudden intense liking to Dravid and Ganguly.. If India was playing, irrespective of whether I understood cricket or not, I watched.. But I vivdly remember that Yuvraj won the man of the match anfd Ganguly removed his t shirt and started swinging it.. Winning as team India.. it was sheer pleasure.. Given that it was my first International game, I lacked the knowledge.. not that I have solid knowledge of cricket now, but the only time I gave it a break was during my post graduation days.. Thanks to a cricket ground right behind my office, I get to see even the local TNCA matches here.. BTW Badri plays well in those matches ;-) COming to the point..
Didnt we grow up watching the likes of Dravid, Ganguly, Sachin, Kumble and Laxman ?? Dravid taught us how to keep our calm in the most difficult of times.. Gangul…