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The End? OR A New Beginning?

Though I wanted to continue writing this story, I did not know how to. I thought I can write fiction after this, with words like happily ever after or Dhwani married Sujay and is leading a pleasant life with him...

I know the pain she is going through. She is married to Sujay.. Sujay is one of the best guys that a girl can ever have. In other words, he is the typical “Parthasarathy” or “Neelakandan” or “Venkatadri” shown in tamil movies, who is a safe bet, well educated, sans the so called “bad habits”. Sometimes, I even feel jealous about Dhwani’s relationship with Sujay.

All this apart, I know what Dhwani is grappling with. First love ...
“Dhwani, what is it that is stopping you from forgetting the past and moving on”, I asked
She said “The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever. And no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away. No matter what you do, this feeling will stay with you forever.”
I smiled. Not able to comprehend wha…