Pass me a glass please !

It’s one of those pleasant dreams that you get after a tired and long day out there. This was one such a dream. A dream which was actually a replay of my under graduation days. The most beautiful days of my life, in one way. Today, when I look back at it, it is like an amateur’s painting. So satisfying, inspite of the small flaws that it may have.

Cheers to the 2 most important people, who’ve made it the way it is! Introducing, Bharath Raam and Rajkumar, the two blokes, you can afford to count on, at any point of time in life. Orkut being extinct, I wanted this testimony to be etched in cyberspace :P. This one is for you guys!

Bharath Raam, my first friend in college and the best. The first time I saw his name on the notice board. Bharath Raam C.V, I thought “C.V Raman types ?” and then I realised hes nothing short of it :P :P (Dei idhu konjam over thaan I know. But chumma oru bit )He’s one of the most confusing, quirky and erratic persons you would have ever met and can ever meet. Like all strong friendships, ours started with enmity too. We were arguing against each other in a debate contest. The topic was something to do with women and my perception of this guy turned out to be “what an MCP he is!”. Little did I know then, that he would be the guy I would share my secrets with, he would be the guy who would teach me what friendship is and we would mature together, in life. Whatever I am today, I attribute it to this guy. You’ve been with me through all my ups and especially my downs. Be it the simplest or the worst.

Raj, a mirror image of what I am. He’s probably one of those rare finds where in you go exclaiming “How can a friend be so unconditional?” When it comes to career decisions, Raj is an obvious choice to speak to. We push each other to achieve more, read more and learn more. Selfless and humble, this guy can make you feel small sometimes . When I have to do something different in life and I take wild decisions, I pull this guy along, so that we can keep pushing each other to walk that extra mile.

A relationship becomes extremely special when you don’t have to put too much effort into it. It remains special no matter what. There have been turbulent times and times when harsh words exchanged, silence for years, yet it remains strong.. strong till date.

Looking back, I loved those “after college hours” spent with you guys on debating, discussing intellectual stuff, college issues, social issues and one topic after another would keep coming. I love the fact that you guys re so non-judgemental about issues and people. The best part is, sometimes, we wouldn’t talk for days together and one fine day would suddenly pick up the phone and start exactly from where we left. I don’t remember having a fight with you guys on “you are not like before… you have changed” OR “we don’t talk often these days. We are not getting time”. Not that I don’t like such fights  After all, what are loved ones for. And Bharath, I am planning to launch such fights from now on, to bring about changes in your intolerant behaviour :P

There is possessiveness and there is a huge bout of it. But it’s so subtle and nice and that’s the best part of it. We really don’t have to say things explicitly, yet it is understood perfectly, unmistakably and precisely the way it was thought. I have learnt a lot from you guys.

Whenever I have come to you with a problem, you have never given me the fish, instead, you taught me how to fish. You have facilitated my decision making in major walks of life and yet made it look like my own decision.

When people say that friendship is not beyond gender, I respond in my own typical way, as I do with these guys “WTF, it F****** is. My best friend is a guy and we have remained friends and only friends.” And raj I hope you remember the conversation we had :P

What is worth mentioning is the way these guys handle their problems..
Bharath to Divya : "Pass me a glass please"

Raj to Divya : "Which book can I read now?"

Now why this article? Well, when I was travelling by bus today, a friend of mine asked me, “How do you know how guys think?”, I smiled back and said “Its simple, cause I just imagine how Bharath or Raj would think. Cause I know how they think ” 

Disclaimer for Bharath : I am not drunk. I am sober and I dont drink. So this post was not written in an inebriated condition

Disclaimer for Raj : This is Divya here. No one else is posting form by blog on my behalf

When I call my blog, "Tryst with Life" and I dont mention the ones who have made my life what it is today, I wouldnt be doing justice to it .This is a small way of saying, thank you for everything. Love you

PS: Bharath atleast now fulfil your promise of making me drink :P :P


  1. Good one DIVYA.. its destiny we were and we are Friends :)

    1. Raj cant believe its seven yrs now da: seems like yesterday

  2. Raj this comment Is so typical of u da

  3. Hey nice and easy read:) Not like few of ur previous" thought provoking" posts!! pleasant!!

  4. Div.. Enjoyed every bit of it. So true that it makes me realise how far we have made it.. Your love and affection really keeps me up Div..
    PS:can't believe that you wrote so well when you were sober.. Come to blr.a kickass party awaits..

    1. I am coming this may. come what may :P :P Love u loads mach..

  5. Hey Divya... I just came across ur blog for the first time. Its very interesting. I love this post. And what a coincidence. Just yesterday i was talking to Sibu that i was going to write about us. Your blog has brought back some of the best moments of my life too. There are very few who take up special places in our lives and make the journey meaningful.

    1. Hi Jeethanya,

      Just saw ur comment ! Ya ya u should write. It gives lot of satisfaction !


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