Indian Cricket is bigger than IPL,.. I love it more than I love my CSK..

Now what prompted me to write this ?? The sad state of cricket in India... Cricket was not in my world before the Natwest series.. And why did I start watching it ? Because I took a sudden intense liking to Dravid and Ganguly.. If India was playing, irrespective of whether I understood cricket or not, I watched.. But I vivdly remember that Yuvraj won the man of the match anfd Ganguly removed his t shirt and started swinging it.. Winning as team India.. it was sheer pleasure.. Given that it was my first International game, I lacked the knowledge.. not that I have solid knowledge of cricket now, but the only time I gave it a break was during my post graduation days.. Thanks to a cricket ground right behind my office, I get to see even the local TNCA matches here.. BTW Badri plays well in those matches ;-) COming to the point..

Didnt we grow up watching the likes of Dravid, Ganguly, Sachin, Kumble and Laxman ?? Dravid taught us how to keep our calm in the most difficult of times.. Ganguly taught us what aggression was.. He gave the left arm spinners a run for their life.. Kumble taught us maturity and Laxman taught us how to deal with sledging.. I did not know of any other phenomenon but for team India.. and yeah..

GOD.. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.. the man who taught cricket to India.. The man who played for India when India was in an abyss.. The man who took criticism from experts as well as idiots like me.. He taught us to play for the country.. I remember one incident vividly.. The death of the little master's father.. His knock against Kenya.. His practice at the nets with black glasses...

One can never forget his sixes over point, his straight drives or his lap shot behing the wicket keeper.. I must say that Viru would have learnt his upper cut from Sachin ! Remember this shot against Bret Lee ? Sachin is truly praiseworthy !

Rahul Dravid.. MY MOST FAVOURITE INDIAN PLAYER.. He taught us how to be aggressive.. ONLY while playing.. Why do I like him so much more than Sachin or Ganguly or anyone ? Because he has always defended India.. Like a WALL.. and true to its name

Wel wel well, How can I miss our man.. MSD... The one man army.. He taught us how to lead.. how to win in pressure.. How to bring up youngsters in the team ? How to play when the team is fumbling, be it IPL or World Cup.. How to be captain cool... How to be a single unit inspite of all odds.. They say he lacks style.. To hell.. His helicopter has sent many balls flying.. pun intended..

Now lets come to IPL.. CSK is not a team.. CSK is a phenomenon.. Akin to Mumbai and Rajasthan, Chennai has been a consistent team.. And one fact of the matter is that its a different feeling all together to be a CSK fan.. Every team, at some point of time had to be uninvolved in the finals or support the team playing against CSK.. but CSK fans have been through this.. Not just once or twice but 5 times.. And the wins and losses has bound them together.. They dont love CSK because of Gurunaths and Srinis.. Even if some random guy had owned it, the love for CSK would have been and is unflinching.. SO this aint going to tarnish that.. That apart..

Ok the franchisee placed bets.. So what ?? Does that make the team cheaters ?? Posts like Chennai doesnt deserve the cup, Chennai has fixed matches is very disturbing.. NOT AS A CHENNAI FAN BUT AS A TRUE FAN OF INDIAN CRICKET.. Remember who is involved in IPL.. The great people who I spoke about.. Sachin, MSD, Rahul.. and the team built with their guidance.. Who are we accusing ? The sportsmen of India..

There may be the Sreesanths too.. but I believed that he was innocent until proven guilty.. And when he was proven guilty who was at shame ?? Rajasthan Royals ?? Oh please grow up... Its the country and more than the country, the game was put to shame..

I am so pained to see people from different teams of IPL mudslinging and being happy that a particular team has got into a fixing scandal.. Well irrespective of this joke called IPL, we have to understand that Cricket is a religion in India and its beyond IPL..

Mr.Gurunath or his act cannot change the way the game is being played and viewed.. Neither should they be able to influence our minds against our own players.. Whose ethics are we questioning ?? Hussey's ? Raina's ? Dhoni's... Who are we mudslinging at ? Some of the best players of the Indian cricket team ??

IPL is only from 2008.. Indian cricket has a long standing history.. Would you like it if Pakistan or South Africa accused Indian players of fixing ? Wouldnt you strangle them ? So why are we doing ourselves, what we wouldnt want them to do ? Just because I am from Chennai and you are from Raipur or Dispur ?? So its so easy to divide the team right ?

Look what has transpired.. Gambhir sledging Dravid.. Kohli Gambhir fighting and a portion of them supporting Kohli and others Gambhir.. Who is put to shame ?? Not Rajasthan, not Kolkatta, not Bangalore.. Grow up.. its India..

Sledging the WALL has been one of the most shameful acts among the many that have transpired during the course of this season.. We ve learnt what is a cover drive from him. Sledging him.. U got to be kidding ! Your kids will not forgive u.. What hurts me is even the players dont realise that cricket is beyond IPL..

We got to learn it from the Aussies and West Indians.. IPL is JUST ONE OF THOSE GAMES THEY PLAY.. But when they go back or even when they re on the field they dont mud sling at each other.. That's maturity.. In a country where cricket is more powerful than religion and mythology, this is not a healthy sign..

If IPL is going to do this, then I dont know if it is really good to continue it.. IPL or no IPL, win or no win, I ve enjoyed every moment of being a Chennai fan.. Its out of the world to be one ! Once a whistepoder, a whistlepoder forever..

But Indian cricket is bigger than my whistepodu or Chennai or halla bol or korbo lorbo or anything.. Hope we all understand and appreciate it.. Enjoy this format of the game but dont let it kill our BELIEF called TEAM INDIA..

PS : What prompted me to write this is, when we have bigger issues like Sachin retiring and bigger joys like watching MSD play, we are still discussing if Chennai won or lost through fixing !


  1. Ipl shd be scrapped!! As much as i hate to say this bt thats the only solution!! For a country as big as ours this format is not suited!! This format suits fr a smaller country like australia but not for us!! Ppl have forgotten its just a game and started taking sides and bad mouth just because they are not playing fr their same franchise!! and when the same player if selected in the auction for their franchise then same ppl start praising them!! Its has become like politics!!
    ps: I am happy to see that u understood dat ur criticism on sachin was not fair:)

  2. There is a small defect in ur info. In Natwest series 2002 final, Yuvi was not the man of the match. It was Mahamd Kaif who was kept the wicket at the other end when yuvi playing, not Dravid.

  3. Yeah thank you.. My bad.. Kaif was the mom.. And Dravid scored just five runs.. I checked.. Memory failed me ! Thanks anonymous !

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