Nalliravu pona pinne velli mulaikkum

Dear Kamal sir,

I thought a hundred times before penning this. But then I decided that I owe you this one. I was not on social networking sites much for the last few months.

But when there was uproar about Vishwaroopam, I felt really bad and hurt and sought the voices of like-minded people. I saw the sites filled with posts on why the ban shouldn’t have happened and how we are insulting an artiste. I was happy and proud that there were so many people to your defence. Be it fans or just cinema lovers.

Yesterday was something different. The chief minister had given an excellent explanation based on facts as to why this ban was upheld. I was very eager to hear you on news channels yesterday night. And I must tell you that your interview changed my perspective of so many things. There are lot of lessons that I learnt from this entire episode and all these lessons are the ones you have taught us in your movies. But today to see you practice it in real life, made me feel that when you say something, you really mean it.

For the first time, Arnab Goswami was a patient listener. He was awed by your responses to his questions. And in the end, when he said that you are not just a fighter in your movies but in reality too, I felt extremely proud to be your fan.

When you were asked if you will be a little more careful and restrain yourself in your further movies, the way in which you said “When faced with adversities, I will become bolder” inspired me to fight back depressive thoughts in my mind.

When you said you will fight fundamentalism in any form, I saw the fighting spirit in you again. All through these series of incidents, several of your songs played in my mind. You have brought to tamil cinema, technologies unheard of by us. You have taken tamil cinema to a global level. Not just technologies. Emotions.

Nalla vazhi nee dhaan solli enna laabam
Sonnavanaith thaane soozhnthathindru paavam

When you said yesterday that “Its easy to die. But to live and fight back is another thing. Love is the best medicine for all problems”

Manathiin Neelam Èthuvøe Athuvae Vaazhvin Neelamadaa

When you were asked how you are so calm in the face of adversity, you smiled and said you don’t show disappointments so easily
uLLathil kaayangaL uNdu, adhai naan maRaikkiRaen
oorukku aanandham kodukka veLiyae sirikkiRaen
thuyarathai erithu, uyarathai vaLarthu
thuyarathai erithu, uyarathai vaLarthu
vaazhvaen nalam kaaNbaen

When you were asked, how come all your movies were into controversy and would you stop being expressive henceforth, you said you will be bolder than before.
vazhigaLil nooRu thadai irundhaal dhaan
vaazhkai rusiyaagum

When you said that though religion and fundamentalism is an ocean, I would do what I can to be against it and I will keep talking about this

“Samudhiram Peridha? Then Thuli Peridha? Thendhan… adhu naan dhaan”

And today when you are about to come out successfully, after facing all odds,

Thadaigalai vendrey sarithiram padaithavan Niyabagam varudkiradhaa

All these days cinema was entertainment. When news channels across the country told you that you are in real life what you are in your movies, you went up several notches above the spectrum of entertainment. I saw that it was not just your fans who called you up yesterday. People from across the country, whose respect you had earned, not just through heroism in movies but your attitude in real life.

I am writing this today cause all these days you had fans. Today you have followers as well. Yours truly included. You have taught me how to face problems and disappointments.

Proud to be your follower.

Anbe Kamal !

PS : All these days I used to defend you when people criticised your moves, actions or your personal life. From now on, I shall not do it. Cause you yourself haven’t done it. You have risen above those mere mortals


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