The End? OR A New Beginning?

Though I wanted to continue writing this story, I did not know how to. I thought I can write fiction after this, with words like happily ever after or Dhwani married Sujay and is leading a pleasant life with him...

I know the pain she is going through. She is married to Sujay.. Sujay is one of the best guys that a girl can ever have. In other words, he is the typical “Parthasarathy” or “Neelakandan” or “Venkatadri” shown in tamil movies, who is a safe bet, well educated, sans the so called “bad habits”. Sometimes, I even feel jealous about Dhwani’s relationship with Sujay.

All this apart, I know what Dhwani is grappling with. First love ...
“Dhwani, what is it that is stopping you from forgetting the past and moving on”, I asked
She said “The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever. And no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away. No matter what you do, this feeling will stay with you forever.”
I smiled. Not able to comprehend what she said. I have never experienced the pain that she has. I will perhaps never understand what she feels.

“Fine. You don’t have to forget your first love. Nor do I agree with you on the fact that love can happen only once. You can atleast forget Ved. After all he ditched you”, I said
“Who said he ditched me?”, she asked
“Dhwani.. You are the one who is suffering. I know you are bleeding inwardly everyday. Which means he ditched you”, I concluded proudly, happy with my power of reasoning.

Dhwani just smiled. “How do you know he is not bleeing inwardly ? How do you know he is not suffering Divya? ”
“WTH. Can you please explain ? I have been asking you this for quite sometime. To atleast share what happened between both of you. Why did you move away from each other ?” , I asked, not wanting to use the word break up. I would have gone mad if she asked “Who said we broke up”. Not wanting to look like a fool, I waited patiently for her to answer.
“Divya, what happened between me and Ved will die between the both of us. As Ved said before he left me, everybody has a purpose in another’s life. Perhaps the purpose is fulfilled and we had to part. I am sure Ved is missing me as much as I miss him. I am sure Ved is”, she broke down as she said this.
I was shell shocked. All these days I thought Dhwani was the only one suffering. Ved too! God, why did you let this happen.

“Dhwani, do you love Sujay? “
“Yes I do.”
“Then forget what happened between you and Ved”
“Divya, Sujay loves me more than I love him. He knows what I am going through. He knows there are some memories very dear to me. He knows I will think of Ved when Bryan Adams sings or when Mandy Moore is on screen. He knows that Ved will always remain a memory in my heart. Sujay knows that love has happened twice in my life. Though I am madly in love with him, Ved will be there in the corner of my heart. I am lucky to have found a person like him, who understands me so well.”

I was flabbergasted. All this while, I thought Dhwani was the one who knows how to love truly. Now I know. Sujay... Sujay knows what true love is. True love is accepting a person with their flaws.. acknowledging that a person’s past has moulded him/her into what he/she is today. True love is complete acceptance of a person, without trying to change them to what they would like them to be.

“Dhwani, does Sujay know what happened between you and Ved? Does he know why both of you had to move away from each other ?”
She smiled again. Her smile showed her love for Sujay. “He did not ask me. He knows I wouldn’t want to insult the relationship between Ved and me by telling him what happened between us. That answers your question as well. I cannot tell you what happened between us. All I can tell you is I know Ved misses me as much as I miss him. ” she continued "And as for your first assumption that I think love can happen only once... its crap. I never made that statement. I love Sujay . That doesnt mean there is no place for Ved somewhere in the corner of my heart. He is afterall my first love. "

So here lies my story.. unfinished.. or rather the way Dhwani wanted it to be. I am leaving this unfinished with the hope that Ved misses Dhwani as much as she misses him.. With the hope that certain things that he sees reminds him of his Dhwani.. with the hope that wherever he is.. Bryan Adams and Mandy Moore remind him of Dhwani... with the hope that my Dhwani’s faith on the love Ved had or rather has for her is as pure as it could be !
I wish I could meet Ved once and ask him if he feels the way Dhwani does. Just for me to understand if this is what true love is.

PS : Dedicated to all the Veds, Dhwanis and Sujays who have read this all along.. Thank you

The New Beginning


  1. I too would like to meet the Veds in the world and know what they really feel !!

    1. Seriously... the Veds in the world are my motivation to write this story... And thanks for following this story :-) Expected that you ll be one of the first few to read.. Keep reading :-)

    2. Nalla iruku kada:)

  2. The story is like Dhwani. Incomplete and flawed. :) Flawed beauty!

    1. Yes... Dhwani is flawed... She is also incomplete... I wanted the story also to be that way ! Thanks :-)


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