A walk to remember

I thought its high time I write again... Fear of losing my writing skills forced me to open a word doc and type a series of events that have been playing in my mind for the last two years. I was postponing it as it was not an easy task for me. I am not good at writing books. I can just speak my mind out. I cant project her emotions. Her love. But she wanted me to write. I had to write.. For Dhwani It has no particular beginning, nor an end. It is about Dhwani (name changed on request).. A girl I know so well. More than anybody else. Series of short stories on my blog dedicated to my dearest Dhwani and to the Vedant she loved ! It is not for the joy of writing that I am doing this but for the joy of speaking on behalf of Dhwani.. A toast to her !

It was a rather misty day ! Dhwani was traveling to her office in the wee hours of the day. It was going to be a long day at work. Not because she had lots to do in office. She was now used to it. This was because her mind was covered with a certain mist.. a mist that was blocking her mind from all other thoughts. Had mother nature forseen it too ? The climate outside, precisely depicted what she felt like.
It was a day of reminiscence. She had seen the movie.. the movie she did not want to see ever again in her life. Especially after Sujay had come into her life. It caused pain... Pain that was monstrous. Call it fate, accident or will of the super power, Sujay had insisted that they watch a movie together on his new Apple Macbook. The movie turned out to be the one she wanted to avoid. Neither could she tell Sujay nor could she avoid it. A Walk to Remember... the movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks... As she thought of the name of the movie, she felt a rush of emotions. She saw before her, the days she had spent in one of the most beautiful places in India – Ootacamund or Ooty as we know it. She saw faces swim before her. Faces that kindled all the emotions that she went through. Her heart froze as she saw one distinct face. She them mouthed his name... Vedant.. As she said this, the car came to a screeching halt. She had almost hit a dog which was squealing in fear and probably anger.
She drove as fast as she could so that she could concentrate on avoiding her obstacles. Nevertheless, her mind was not under her control. She entered her office. She was not her usual self.
“Good morning madam” saluted the chowkidhar.
“Good morning” she said, rather lifelessly.
The chowkidhar was surprised. Dhwani was a person known for her bubbly nature and she spread a smile wherever she went. Days when Dhwani was not in office were boring, silent and dull for her colleagues. She was known for her naughtiness and cheerfulness.
An hour had passed and Dhwani was glued to her computer. Her colleagues were surprised as she never spent an hour without talking in office. They thought she was working. Little did they know that she was dying inside. Fighting for her life.. fighting to prevent her life from falling apart... fighting to smile at Sujay when she reaches home... FIGHTING
As Dhwani was staring into her laptop, she saw in the empty screen, a movie... A movie projected by her conscience/mind/heart, whatever you call it.. on the laptop screen.. It was very vivid. The day she met Vedant or Ved as she affectionately called him. It was the 11th of July. Ved was chatting his way to glory under a tree in the National College of Technology, Ootacamund. He then saw a girl entering the campus. She seemed confused. He instantly recognized her.
“Hi Dhwani. What brings you here?”
“Hi Vedant ! I am here to meet my friends. You study here right ?“
“Yes. I am doing my Mechanical Engineering here. What about you?”
“I am doing my BA in music in Ooty College of Music. Rather uninteresting for engineers I say.”
“Not really ! So have you met your friends?’
“Not yet Vedant. I don’t know where exactly to go and my friend’s phone is switched off. His name is Bhargav. He belongs to the Electrical department. Do you know him by any chance?”
“Yes. Go straight and take a left. There is a security office. You can ask for him there.”
“Thank you Vedant. Have a great day. ”
“Mention not Dhwani. If there is any help that you need in Ooty just reach out to me. My number is 9840108113”
“I was just going to ask you. Thanks. And mine is 9444585984. Keep in touch”
“Yeah sure. I have to leave. I am not keeping well. Have to meet the doc”
“Oh sure. Take care. ”
Vedant was Dhwani’s senior from school. They had not spoken much to each other in their school days. Dhwani saw him as the arrogant brat who didn’t know how to mingle with people. There was a certain charm around him. She liked him, like many other girls in school did. She never expected him to meet her . That too after 2 years of passing out of school . However, the meeting turned out to be sweet.
Dhwani picked up her phone on the way back to her hostel from NCT.
Vedant received a text message “How are you now? What did the doctor say?”
Dhwani it was.
Days rolled by and messages were exchanged. .Well,the schemes of free messaging in all service providers did prove fruitful to Dhwani and Vedant and what seemed to be just a platonic friendship turned into something more. Something that wrote their fate. It was the 8th of September.
“Hi Dhwani. Whats up”
“Nothing. Just getting ready for the Food festival tonight”
“Well. I ve been wanting to tell you this.. I don’t know how you would take it. Can we get married ?”
“Vedant... I ve been waiting to hear this.. Yes we can...”
Tears of joy rolled down Dhwani’s eyes. She considered this to be the best day in her life. She felt like she had waited for 21 years for this to happen. Vedant was no more a senior from school or an acquaintance at Ooty. He was her own Ved. The Ved she adored, cherished and loved. Loved so dearly.
Ved had a huge fan following especially among the female species, wherever he went. Dhwani was highly possessive about this. It used to eat her up inside whenever Ved got close to any girl. This was out of fear that she might lose Ved. Out of fear that she might lose the love of her life... the one she believed was the sole reason of existence. Ved however, saw this possessiveness as rather annoying.
It was one of their evenings together and they were watching the movie “A walk to remember”.. the movie based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, when Ved spoke
“Dhwani.. I am the miracle of your life.. The miracle that Jamie talks about in the movie. You will never feel pain, sadness, remorse or loneliness when I am around. Our journey together will definitely be a walk to remember. ”
“Dhwani” “Honey where are you? Could you please turn the TV on?” boomed Sujay’s voice.
She was shaken back to reality. Ved was no longer around her. Sujay came out of their room drying his hair.
“Dhwani.. whats wrong with you? You look pale !”
“Nothing Sujay ” she lied. She turned the TV on and the song that started playing in the background vowed to torment her with thoughts about her Ved
“Anbe sugama.. Un kobangal sugama”
She broke into tears and hugged Sujay. She felt pain.. she felt the pain of missing Ved. At the same time, she loved Sujay.. her husband who had accepted her.. inspite of her past.. Inspite of her being flawed..
She could feel herself being torn from within as the song continued to play
“Vaazhkai oru vattam pol mudintha idathil thodangaadha”

To be continued ..


  1. Very nice sis.....Enjoyed reading it...:)

  2. This is sounding very familiar!!

    1. Hi Arul... long time !! Yeah it is the story of a girl I know.. wel discuss it in chat :-) Continue reading :-)

  3. Elanchezhian - Thanks... continue reading... thanks for the encouragement

  4. remember to walk don walk to remember..

  5. well that anonymous is "varsha"
    how to register??

  6. Good.I thought all my friends have stopped writing.Subtle. C'est la vie.

    1. Thanks Rajesh... Well it happens.. Sometimes u cant write until u find something truly inspiring enough to write :-)

  7. Nice stuff Divya :) When is it gonna be continued?

    1. Soon ananya... Thanks :-) Keep reading... I shall come up with the next part as soon as it takes a lil more shape :-)

  8. @Varsha akka - You can comment thro ur google account.. Choose google account in comment as drop down menu... Ya ya remembering to walk... :-) Keep reading !!

  9. nicely written ... Eagerly waiting !!

    1. Yeah laks... will come soon with the next. Just thinking on whether it should be about Dhwani and Ved or Dhwani and Sujay... Thanks.. Keep reading


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